i've just purchased a like new 11' 450F and doing my first oil change.

Followed all the directions here (


Drained the oil, replaced oil filter, closed everything up, added 1L of oil and everything went smooth. After a quick spin around the block i parked it in my garage and noticed that oil appears to be leaking slightly from the cover where the oil filter lives. I've got it cranked down tight, but I'm not sure whats causing this ?

My apologies for not knowing ANYTHING about how these bikes work, but I guess that why I'm on here trying to get learned. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



the oil filter cover seal probably toar when you installed the cover, i keep a couple in stock for this matter

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Makes sense. So is it possible to replace the seal without losing a ton of oil or am I esssentially going to have to reload another quart or so into the bike after I open up the oil filter door?

If you lay it on its side, you won't lose more than a teaspoon, but even if you do the job with it standing straight up, you'll only drop about 90-100cc.

You may have misplaced or damaged the seal, but it's also possible that the only thing happening is that the oil you left on the cover flange is running out from under it.

Replace with 1 qt and your fine?

Gotcha! Guess I'll get a new seal and see what it looks like after I replace it. I kicked started it tonight and after running for just about 10 seconds I had a small pool directly below the oil filter cover so I think the seal is torn.

Another newb question: When checking the oil level using the site glass window after warming the bike up for a few minutes, should the level be in the middle of the window? I guess I'm really asking so I know HOW MUCH oil to add back in after I replace the seal...

THANKS SO MUCH for the input here!

Middle of window. Also when I tighten up the two bolts on the filter cover I tighten them finger tight first and then go back an forth a little at a time till they are fully tighten. I do not tighten one bolt and then tighten the other one.

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