What all do you do to uncork the 650?

This is what I did....here's the site http://www.xr650r.net/

Go to the section that talks about "uncorking".......These modifications make a huge difference in performance. Basically, it unleashed "The Beast". Anyway, I don't know if you have the stock pipe still but, make sure your 2" hole saw is deep enough if you do that mod., too! :)

I haven't even bought one yet but I'm sure this is the bike I want. I don't think it will be much longer. Thanks for the website. It looks easy to do.

(I started researching for my reply and just checked and saw you already had a post with good info so this could be repetitive!)

Ahh. Great question and well worth it! You could do a search in this site or yahoo groups "XR650R" and spend all day reading them so I'll save you the time.

I'll tell you what you are wanting to know, HOW, first and why later.

Look at this link first; http://www.xr650r.net/nonepa.html

it should explain everything.

http://www.xr650r.us/tech/thewrench.jpg Has a short article about what is done (and part numbers as well) to uncork it. but it doesn't mention the Pilot jet which many will tell you is needed (it helped mine).


Is a helpful site, The Pig Pen, run by a nice fellow and he has a link ( to a Honda XR650R shop manual download in PDF form (147mb). Its a UK version so it'll have the extra lights and such but mechanicaly its the same! It is almost a must have unless you have the real thing! I like it though b/c I can print just what I need and use the print out instead of trying to read through greasy finger prints down the road!

A couple of things to note, The cost of replacing the needed parts is minimal; Main Jet #175, B53E Needle, Pilot Jet 68s are what is required. Many have said you can carve or drill the extra rubber out of the Intake Manifold instead of buying one and many have also taken a certain hole saw and drilled out the end of the Spark Arrestor instead of buying a honda baffle (there are others as well, eg Baja designs). You can read tons on exhaust and noise and decide for yourself the direction you want to go but opening up the baffle is a must to get full effect! You may replace the exhaust!

Now for WHY!


is a link to the first ride of the 2000 XR650R and it has coments on corked vs uncorked to give you an idea.

Now the legal stuff I'm not sure of and Someone can jump in on my explination to straighten out the details but my understanding is the 2000-04 XR650R comes from the factory real restriced so it can meet certain emission restrictions and something about making it "green-stickered" (which I never heard of in our area of the country) but apparently some public land areas only allow these "green" bikes to use the land. So Honda had to restrict the emissions down so it could meet this standard!

Enjoy the reading


From www.Ronayers.com the parts are as follows;

Main Jet (175) 99101-357-1750 $4.19

Pilot Jet (68s) 99105-MBN-0680 $6.06

Needle (B53E) 16012-MBN-641 $15.50

Carb insulator (intake) 16211-MBN-640 $10.06

Spark arrestor (Honda part) 18317-mbn-640 $106.22

Keep in mind the spark arrestor is expensive BUT many drill it out with a hole saw to save money and get good results!

See Cheap stuff!


Maybe you could talk a dealer into throwing all this in and installing it for you?

If you live in CA the parts will cost more! They wanted $135 for that spark arrester in Northern CA! Plus Tax! :)

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