BRP with teeth

well, after 2 hours and 2 batteries in my cordless drill, there are over 450 studs in the pig's tires. What a great winter bike, the extra weight helps those studs really dig into the ice, it corners like it does on dirt almost, but i really dont wanna get run over by it now!!! FYI i used #6 x3/8 hex head screws with a slot in them, total cost was about 10 bucks canadian. This is the first time that my bike has made it out of the garage in 3.5 weeks so it was good to go for a rip, even if it is about -15 celcuis, (about 5 farenheit) and windy. well, gotta go ride, JR

Do you ride it on snow covered trails (how deep) or just ice covered lakes? Sounds like fun!

a little of both, havent been out alot yet, its just too cold. hooks up good on the snowy trails as the screws dig right into the frozen turf, traction on ice is great too, but my cheapo taiwanese tire that i studded is throwing scres, maybe i will go a little bigger thread next time. Leaves some nasty scrapes on the driveway when i took it for a spin around the block, traction on cement sucks big time. just need a heater and a windsheild an i'll be good to go :), JR

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