Y-Zed or Y-Zee

Just curious, how do you pronounce YZ in the states? In Canada and the U.K. I believe we all say Y-Zed. The pronouciation Y-Zed is used the same way in french Canada ( Québec )as well.

Just a useless tid-bit this rainy afternoon. :)

Y-Zee in Southern California, that's the only way I've ever heard it. I never thought about it being pronounced any other way but then again I'm kinda just stuck in my own world and forget there's others out there!!

The correct way to pronounce the letter "Z" in the States is "zee." I've only heard "zed" in Canada.

I guess that's enough "a-boot" that.

I recently began to sell enterprise software (WebTrends) into eastern Canada and noticed things like "zed" and "aboot" (about). Interesting timing on this topic. :)

Y-Zed in the UK.

even when you YZ time the WR (WZ400) do you americans get an asthmatic wheeezzeee (chesty, cough, cough, sneeze!!) or do you, like us anglophiles get a wwhhhiiizzzz machine. (wiz)


We also 'klap' Y-Zed here in Sunny South Africa :)

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Being Canadian I've almost always used the "zed" pronounciation for the letter z. To my ears it's sounds better in most cases eg. Y-Zed, F-Zed-R, Mach Zed,Zed-71,MX-Zed etc. The one that really comes to mind though are Chevrolet Camaro Zed-28's, affectionately know as Zedders here in the Great White North. Surely Americans don't call them Zee-ers? That being said, I've thought aboot it and strangely enough, if you asked me to pronounce my T-Talk user I.D., I would say Pete Zee, not Pete Zed. Just sounds better I guess.


Here we hear it both way, personnaly I use the zee, like in why-zee two fifty eff (I know, I'm a &%$#@! to ride such a tiddler but I'm faster at MX with it...), why-zee-eff six hundred arr or of course why-zee four fifty four eff, (hell that's 4 cc over the new limit in the 250 class on the ice!).



how i remember that group from the eighties, you know the one....long beards wasn't it zed, zed top?


Hey Le racer, where have you been? I would guess that you have been riding and not sitting in front of your computer like the rest of us!

Guy, do you know any good late season tracks not too far from town with good drainage?

I went up to a track in Arundel 2 weeks ago but found it unridable because of rain puddles and wet clay on the face of jumps. This track is awsome and has been put together by the Miller kids ( Miller Excavation ) so heavy equipment use is not a problem there. Kind of track where you are in the air more than on the ground.


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