curious about gearing

Is there a way to change just 5th gear or add 6th? I have an 07 450 plated. I am happy with 1st - 4th and the only time I use 5th is on the road. I feel like I am winding up the rpms a bit much while commuting between trail rides. I am running 14/50 on the final and do not want any higher 1st gear actually sometimes I would like a lower 1st eaven with the Revloc clutch. Currently the top speed (rev limiter) of the bike per GPS is 87-89 mph and the factory spedo says 94 mph. I normally commute 15 miles @ a top speed of aprox 70mph. It just seems to be screaming for mercy at that speed. In the trails I am in 1st, 2nd and 3rd and rarely 4th but have yet to need 5th.

In simple terms, no there is no easy way to raise just 5th gear. But with enough money, you can do anything. The lack of a 6th gear has always hampered the dual purpose nature of the WR. I was hoping that with Yamaha upgrading it recently, that perhaps they would finally install a 6th gear, but I always knew they wouldn't.

Same dilemma here. I think the easiest thing to do is just cruise a little slower on the highway. I have 14-50 gearing and can cruise at 60mph comfortably. For a 15 mile ride it only adds a couple of minutes.

15/48 for dual sport

14/48 for dual sport and no freeway

Simple countershaft sprocket change done in 15 min or less.

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