Need tire recommendations!

Just wanted to hear from the Veteran Pig Owners. My bike has the stock tires and I am not thrilled with the way they handle. Most of the riding that I will be doing is HARD terain with rock. With water crossings and mud! Fun riding, but these stock tires suck. What about a wider rear? Tire that is! :)

Maxxis 7301HT 120/100! :) It rocks in the rocks and hard pack. If it has to be DOT Pirelli RalleyCross 130/90 M21 or M21 140/80 :D Pirelli last a long time as long as the 606. :D

Yeah, I took Rokatt's advice and went with the Maxxis, hooks up good and seems pretty durable. Center knobs are huge!! :) Might try on one the front next.

Make sure you get the 7301HT. The is a 7305IT but, that's for Intermedet track.

Terra Flex 2 Is what I ride on I live out in the desert in this tire realy hooks up , but it is not great on sand coverd hard pac roads.

Bruce are you starting alother stampeed! :)

No, it would of been the Tera Flex but, he threw in the hard pack stuff. Nothing beats the Tera Flex for an all around tire. If the hard pack doesn't have any loose stuff on it I would use the Tera Flex. On rocks nothing hooks up better and you can send anyone behind you to the hospital. Get the Tera Flex type two. Biggest nastiest tire made! :)

So which is it? The Maxxis 7301HT or the Tera Flex 2? I have 95% hardpack w/ a fair share of loose rock. Beautiful woods riding if I can get the tires dialed in. Is there a particular website that I can find these different types of tires?

These are the best three tires for the BRP for off road and links to see them.

Soft terrain mostly; IRC M5B 140/80

Lightest tire. Hooks up on anything. Even hard pack. My favorit tire. Down side is it chuncks. Grabs the jagged rocks like the Tera Flex but at a price of shredding the knobbies. I have to remove the tire and flip it after a serious weekend. If you don't mind going threw tires and you need the extra edge to win -- This thire rocks!

. 7301HT Maxxis 120/100= Best hard pack tire! Does well in every sittuation except mud and sand.

Soft rubber ****Don't to get mixed up with the 7305 IT**** (The 7305IT is a great track tire; but, the XR650R has to much power and it will not hook up on hard pack. I had it on the Oinker and it was flat out dangerous on hard back)

Best all around tire; Tera Flex 140/80 Type (2)

For everything from sand and the worst mud to hard pack (hard pack without sand on it) would be the Tera Felx Type 2 140/80 Best tire if you almost (98%) all dirt (or mud, sand, rocks, forest and intermediate track dirt)and need a DOT tire. Best all around tire period! Does real well on the street and wears almost as long as the 606 if you don't spin it to death on the hard pack. Down side of this tire is it's size! It's scary. Will rip off your mud flap. (if you go with this tire there are ways around it) Weighs 2 pounds more then any other tire out there. As was said befor; It's not very good on sandy hard pack. It's hard to discribe this kind of hard pack. (It's not the hard fire road that has little traffic but the hard stuff that has been ripped up and is still hard and flat underneath.) You have a blast spinning sideways and still hook up enough to blow the doors off anyone trying to catch you.

If your a XR650R Yahoo group member here is a picture

For a very agresive DOT tire that lasts as long as the 606 and is great for all around riding would be the Pirelli RalleyCross 130/90 or 140/80 MT21 If you need a long lasting DOT tire and run alot of wood and fire roads this is a good tire.

:worthy:Spoken like a PRO! I really appreciate the help! The Tera Flex sounds like the right one for me. Now what about the tearing my mudflap up? I am going to drop to a 13tooth front sprocket, will that give me any extra nobby clearence for this tire? Widthwise, it should sqeeze in there right? :)

Going to the 13 tooth sprocket will fix saving your mud guard. You have to fix your sub frame factory pre-bend. For some resone Honda made the sub frame bent to the left. This will make the tire rub on the muffler when you land a jump or hit a good whoop. :D Make sure your rim is true and this tire will last you longer by far then any other none DOT tire. It's heavy and you'll feal it but, it's worth it! :) One last thing....The XR650R goes through tires almost as fast as gas; so, you will have plenty of chances to try all the 18" rear tires made. :D

I use the Pirelli 80/110 Scorpion Cross MT410; The MT450 is a better tire. (my son has that one) :D

I put on after market mud flaps & the tera flex just rips them off. Bruce had a lot of experience with the tera flex 2 :).what realy seems to work well is installing a sand scock over your shock spring this will keep all the sand & mud off your shock. Bruce mite even have the part # form chaparral motor sports in so. ca.

Lewis is right on the outer wear shock sock. I'll look for the part #. I got the one for a CR500 and it fits just right. Looks way cool and then you don't need a mud guard. A 13 tooth counter shaft sprocket brings the tire back fare enough you should only rub the guard. I like doing the full 100 miles an hour! With the 13 tooth you'll only get 93 mph :D The tire is so heavy that it grows at over 70 miles an hour. It grows an inch an a half at top speed! No joke it grow enough to almost make up for the 13 tooth sprocket and back closer to the 95 to 97 mph :D If you got the ponies. I found an after market mud guard and used a streched DID ERT Gold chain to get past the half way mark on the swing arm and just rubbed a hole in the mud guard. Now I run a DID ERV2 X-ring chain and at pressent running the IRC M5B 140/80 it's chunking fast :D but it's the edge that I need to keep up with Lewis :D Before I forget it's a must to run a second rim lock on the BRP! Even more so with a Terrable Tera Flex. It helps ballence the wheel and will save you from ripping off the valve stem. If you do it yourself drill the hole straight across from the stock rim lock and put the stock rim lock in the new hole and the new rim lock in the stock hole. ( now I am getting way anal) the after market $5 rim locks weigh more and are bigger; just about the difference in the valve stem and nut. Makes it real close to balanced for a smoother ride at high speeds. You can feel the difference! :) They sell a $18 rim lock that is lighter and smaller. :D

ive been watching all the tire threads for a while and it seems the terraflex is what im after too, the more crap(literally sometimes) the tire throws, the better (for me, not whoever follows, but they have learned to give the pig room :)). i ride mostly soft stuff (the odd cow pie too) with some gravel roads and hardpack. So, with the 13t front and the original somewhat stretched chain, i might be able to fit the terraflex without mulching my mudguard? I have dealt with interco tires on my jeep in the past so i know the quality has to be good. All my buds ride mx bikes so i can outrun them in 4th with the 13/48 and a 120/100. How does the terraflex hold up to studs?? i would like something that i could stud this winter without it chunking bad next year. Thanks in advance, JR

I tried a MITTAS tyre on the front (C-11- Cross front) and rear (C-02- Cross rear)These tyres are great they have a higher rubber content in them and they grip on any terrain, Sand, mud, rocks, the lot. Because of the rubber content in them the Knobbies stay on the tyre, which is always good, good wear on them too. The knobbie pattern on them makes burn exits great.

I run the DUnlor 606 up front and love it. Great traction, really gives you confidence in just about every situation.

For the rear I have become a HUGE fan of the Michelin Baja tire. They are a bit pricy, but for a race, I will run nothing else now. Give it a shot and you will see how much you like it.


scorpioncross front & tera flex rear OOOO-Yeah its hard to beat that combo :)

I just changed my MT450 Scorpion Cross to a MT410 Scorpion Cross like yours. I hit a peice of angle iron sticking out of the ground 2" and put and "L" shape into the tire :) good thing it didn't put a hole in the tube :D Now I will see on this next ride how I like the MT410 Scorpion Cross vs. MT450 Scorpion Cross Pirelli tires. :D

These are the best three tires for the BRP for off road and links to see them.

Soft terrain mostly; IRC M5B 140/80

Lightest tire. Hooks up on anything. Even hard pack. My favorit tire. Down side is it chuncks. Grabs the jagged rocks like the Tera Flex but at a price of shredding the knobbies. I have to remove the tire and flip it after a serious weekend. If you don't mind going threw tires and you need the extra edge to win -- This thire rocks!

Great Information, I am new to the pig too and am looking for tire information.

Does the IRC in the 140/80 config fit the pig without any problems, or is it similar to the Tera Flex with rubbing and chain length issues ?


There are no fit issues with the IRC M5B. It fits great. I love this tire :) It is not a DOT tire and it does chunk if used on rocks to much. It is a soft terrain tire. But, grabs everything. If you hit high speeds on the pavement it will through knobby's. It doesn't rub. I thought I would try the Michelins Baja 140/80 tire on the BRP. I had one on my XR600R and thought it was OK. I hate it now. Would be a great wet dirt tire (not mud) the stuff with grass, forest trails, just not good on the California baked hard pack. It was good in the sand, Great :D in the dirt just after the rain but, major sucked once it dried out and was worthless on the hard pack trying to stop. If I hadn't tried the Tera Flex or IRC M5B it might have been fine it’s a DOT tire. The Tera Flex (DOT also) can handle anything you through at it! :D Never comes apart but, doesn't do well on the slick hard pack. Seemed to be a little better as it wore. You learn to handle it. There are a lot of people with there favorite tire. If they get a tire that does better or lasts longer then stock; they are happy. I have a pile of tires here and there are only a few that work on anything. Some that work Great on one or two things and they all have a draw back. Some need a DOT tire or one that dose not come apart on the road. Some just want a long lasting tire and don't push things to the limit. The Baja tire was a lot like the Maxxis 7305 IT 120/100 but, was better in the sand. Not as good as the Tera Flex and in the sand. The best is the IRC M5B. The Pirelli Rally Cross MT21 is not the best in the sand and it was wanting to wash out, was lots better then the 606. In moist loose dirt the Maxxis 7305 is great. The Baja was right there just about as good but, still nether were as good as the Tera Flex and the IRC M5B is the best. The Pirelli Rally cross gets the job done and it will get you where you need to go way better then the 606 here. In dry dirt the Pirelli was great. If it had harder dirt under the surface it would grab violently. It smokes the 606 here. The Maxxis 7305 isn't very good here and the Baja was worse. The Maxxis 7301HT rocks here but, the Tera Flex was better and again the IRC M5B rocked like none of the others could. Hard pack I was amazed how a soft terrain tire like the IRC M5B could grab so well it was wonderful but the Maxxis 7301HT was best. The Tera Flex is so, so, but better then the Baja and the Maxxis 7305IT. The Pirelli would spin and dig through the top and then hook up all at once. It was something you learn to anticipate. IRC M5B was some what close to the Maxxis 7301 HT. On the street it's the Pirelli 140/80 Rally Cross MT21 fallowed by the Terra flex Type 2. I Used the Baja on the Freeway and around town and it would skid on hard braking never did get to use it on water on pavement I just ripped it off the bike Yesterday. Enough is enough. Back to the IRC M5B for the big ride at 3rd gear pinned on the 25th of this month. Pirelli did great in water on pavement and lasts just about as long as the 606. The 606 is dangerous here but, lasts a long time. Tera flex was great and lasts just as long. All this is full wack of the throttle and full brake riding. It would be a different out come with a different rider that eases into the throttle and brakes before it's too late. Now to be fair to the Baja tire I did ride a good long wheelie on the freeway with it

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