Need tire recommendations!

For me it has come down to a simple equation:

Desert Race under 250 miles:

Dunlop 739AT-best hook up/carcass strength

Desert Race over 250 miles:

Michelin Baja or Desert-only tires with any hook up that will last more than 300 miles of serious desert racing.

Theres a reason all the Dakar people use Michelin Desert and Baja!

There are no fit issues with the IRC M5B. It fits great. I love this tire :) It is not a DOT tire and it does chunk if used on rocks to much. It is a soft terrain tire. But, grabs everything.

Sounds like the one I will try !

I do not ride on streets at all. The tire just needs to last an Enduro "race" ( 80 - 100 miles) and should offer best grip on no matter what (always a compromise).

The plan is to ride the national quicksilver enduro at Clear Creek with the best (compromise)tire on the BRP for that purpose.

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