What mods need to be done or can be done to make a WR fit a 6'5 rider?

Everyone keeps telling me the KTM's are really the only bike that can be made comfortable for a taller rider. I am 6'5 rider and wanting to start riding again. I have owned quite a few Street bikes and dirt bikes but have been out of the sport for probably the last 10 years. I haven't gotten any taller but have packed on some weight. Bummer.. But anyways from what I have heard people talk about they say that the Japanese manufacture bikes have the smallest cockpit. Short peg to seat height and close bars compared to the KTM's? Is this true? I know there has to be some taller people riding the WR line of bikes. If you are Tall tell me what you have done to make your bike more comfortable. Also pics are always great. Also if you have ridden both KTM, WR's, CRF X's let me know what you think the differences are. I want a bike I can street legal already so must come stock with headlight and taillight. Also I will be spending sub $5k on the bike so I am looking at say 2006-2009 bikes mostly..

Only older KTM's are comfy for taller riders.

The newer ones are VERY cramped.

I know, I've tried to make two different ones work for me, and have given up, and am going back to the WR.

It's the peg location that screws everything up: they are too far back, so when you try and stand with really bent legs, it's very tough.

Here's my formula for tall-comfy:

Guts Racing Tall firm seat (medium or soft seats compress to much, defeating the purpose)

IMS lowering pegs

BRP submount risers

CR-High Protaper bars

Still a compromise, but if you get the bars any taller (I've tried 1" more rise), then the seating bar position is just goofy high.

I've also tried 7/8" more added to the seat, but the ground gets too far away for sketchy trails to be practical.

I'm 6'2" and am comfortable on my '99 WR400 with bars and risers. I have 50mm Moose risers and 119mm high bars and the cables just barely reach. Any taller and I think I'd want a seat and/or lowered pegs.

6'5" here. This is the setup I finally ended up with:

Guts racing tall medium foam seat

BRP submount top triple clamp with scotts damper

CR - High bend pro Tapers - rotated a bit forward.

Tried this setup with RC high bend bars and it just felt strange.

haven't tried the lowered pegs yet as I already seem to catch my size 13s on rocks already.

Any of you have photo's of your bikes with the Risers and Taller seat?

Some have some, some have all the mods


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i've got a guts racing tall seat (medium density, wish i had gone hard as medium is a bit too squishy)

sub mount risers from BRP

Woods Low bars

it's pretty comfortable to me either standing or sitting. in fact, it may be the biggest cockpit of any bike i have ridden (my WR is an '04)




I'm 6,3

On my old wr400 I was very happy with the stock seat height, lowered pegs and cr double hi bars. 115mm

The wr450 has about a 1 inch lower seat height starting in 2005 than the old 400. For my 06 I am doing lowered pegs, guts seat tall, BRP sub mount with the clamps you can turn around and move forward, and 85mm yz bend twinwalls. Factor in the sub mount ads 25mm and I have 110mm bars. I tried it with cr highs and it was 120mm and that felt really strange.

These guys have given you great information. I have basically the same setup on my 2012, which is definitely more compact than previous model years. I'm 6'-4"....

*Guts tall seat

*Windham riser bars

*Fastway pegs in low-boy position

Bike fits great now.


How did you get the fastway pegs in the lowboy position on your 2012 WR450F?

I've got the fastways but there is no material on the stock peg mounts to facilitate lowboy position.

This is my setup...

Guts tall firm seat, currently swithced to YZ


Protaper SE DRZ110 bars, these are really tall bars

Here's a pic of my bike with YZ seat and tank. Ignore the first pic, it's with the SDG "tall" seat which is the same as a stock seat.


edit: I almost put low pegs on my bike. Actually bought them, but just before I was about to install them I caught my foot between the peg and a stump. I was luck to end up only with brusing and some broken skin. But it definitely put me off lowering my pegs.

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