Little bit of Bog

I am experiencing a little hesitation when I crack the throttle. Bike is "uncorked" only. I haven't heard from anyone about any pilot screw adjustments. In or out? I still get a popping back fire when I decellerate too. Any help?

Do you have the 68s pilot? The popping is from the deceleration dampaning valve or air valve as some call it. The Kehin carb. when it get's to about 20# of vaccuum pulls a diaphram and cuts off the air jet, making the bike way rich on decel. to dampen it. Once you pull the throutle this opens back up the air jet. On the Mikuni you can change the air jet, on the kehin you can't. You can turn this air valve off for better compression braking and will make the bike slow down when off throtle like the mikuni. The air jet is on the left side of the intake side of the carb. (lower right for the Mikuni). Here are some pictures of the turning off the air valve and then pictures of the air jet. The guy that took these pictures used a spacer but, it's a lot easier to just plug the hole that is at the top left that the small o-ring goes around. Plug it on the cap side with RTV silicon. Let it dry and make sure that the RTV stayed inside of the o-ring. The whole Idea is to stop the Vacuum from pulling the diafram open.

You have to be a member of the XR650R Yahoo group, to see these pictures thoe. :)

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