Hey guys! new to the forum. I just thought I would introduce myself by making a build thread. I'm mostly on Supermotojunkie, but I want to get another WR for Dirt use within a couple years.

Well, I'm a 17 soon to be 18 boy from New-brunswick, Canada. I always loved riding, but never had the finances to own a dirtbike. So with my money saved up from my part time job, I bought a 2009 WR250X two years ago, then around 8 months ago I bought a 2003 WR450F. I since sold the 250X and am using all the money to rebuild my 450F.

So here it goes. I started 2 weeks ago. :ride:

This is how it was a couple days before the tear down, having fun in the snow!


Fastforward a couple days after, here is one nights progress. I know it's not much, but I'm pretty new to this.


Then here is my friends trying to remove the carb.


Then I kind of messed around in Photoshop and used Mings bike on SMJ and changed the frame, and plastic colors. I think I will love it. :thumbsup:


Now here we are having trouble removing the swingarm pivot bolt.



Here's the removed swingarm sitting warm in front of the fireplace.


Now here is the bare frame, kind of dirty and small rust spots.


I hate cleaning! Grrrr :banghead:


But it is nice when things are clean ;)


Now is cleaning the engine.




Opening it up.



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Now I find why the clutch side was leaking! and I thought I was burning oil!! Haha Look at the JB weld at the bottom


Clutch disks were real nice. Got to have that rum and coke.


Inside the head.




The piston. Is this a normal color? Lean or Rich?


Yack! I think I'm going to need a new one


Cams, maybe going to do the YZ exhaust cam mod.




Cylinder, It's not as bad as it looks, a slight hone is the worst case scenario I believe.


And the last one for now, what happened here? I believe the chain guard sanded through the swing arm.


Well that's what I have for now. Just sent it to te PC'er for a semi gloss black. He is getting the swinarm proffesioanally welded at the same time.

I will post up the Powdercoated parts Saturday or Sunday.

And It's sure a nice forum, I'm sure you will see me sticking around here.

Thanks for reading!


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Well done!

Good to see some lovin'

Can't wait to see the final product....I am planning to do a similar rebuild on my '99 400 in the coming months (when I can find the ca$h)

Well done!

Good to see some lovin'

Can't wait to see the final product....I am planning to do a similar rebuild on my '99 400 in the coming months (when I can find the ca$h)

Thanks! I appreciate it, I know the bike is feeling the love, but not the wallet! :cry:

Ahh well, I figure money is no object for doing what you love.

I can't wait to see the rebuild, What are you planing to do? Full tear down?



Yeah, I would really like to tear it down over winter and get the motor and frame soda blasted and resprayed as the previous owner really did a crap job of looking after it.

Not sure how much blasting costs here in Australia. I'm sure it's not cheap!

He painted the motor black and it is all chipped and peeling.

The frame paint is almost all worn off.

Swingarm and linkage bearings are almost dead.

I've spent the last couple of months sorting out the stuffed up carby.

Next is tires, then some actual riding till winter. Then a teardown.

Keep the photos coming.

Its good to see you decided to go with a different name for you build on here, as apposed to what you chose to go with on SMJ!

Yes, the chain buffer has a habit of wearing into the swingarm if you don't use something to lessen the rubbing. Most use a type of two sided foam camper tape underneath the buffer. Besides stopping the wear into the swingarm, it also quiets a source of noise too!!

Got my parts today! They look somewhat crappy in the pics but ohh well, it's also because the parts were cold and were fogged up because of the heat in my room. Also ordered some white YZ plastics and a White Clarke tank. Maybe wheels tonight.







Is that all Powdercoated? That's what I'd like to do with mine. Looks nice so far!!

Is that all Powdercoated? That's what I'd like to do with mine. Looks nice so far!!

Yup! everything that you see is powdercoated. It's a real nice finnish. Do you have a WR?

'06 WR450 that just got left behind in Baja. Now I can fly in and ride whenever I want like the rest of the crew I ride with.

Now I'm working on a '02 WR250f for the upcoming race season here in Montana. Completely torn apart, and will be getting it powdercoated black just like yours!! :thumbsup:

Good luck on your build. Remember take your time, and measure anything that seems to have any wear. If you've got any questions just ask. Cause the only dumb question, is the one that wasn't asked.

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Hurry up and get this thing back together man! Im diein too see the final product! :ride:

Well, I got the plastics, bearings and my fuel tank, unfortunately the tank does not match the white from the fenders, but I am getting a graphic kit soon. Probably buying Speedo, stator, and Coolant hose/fuel lines tomorrow.


Clutch cover with no hole from a fellow Supermotojunkie user.




I also bought this recently. Super fun! :D


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The white and black looks killer. I used Carey Hart's bike as a bit of inspiration for my 2012.

Shitty picture and is doesn't show much of the bike but I liked the scheme.


The white and black looks killer. I used Carey Hart's bike as a bit of inspiration for my 2012.

Thanks Kyle! Yeah, I can't wait to see the final product. Just finished cleaning all the baked dirt from my exhaust pipe, and cleaned the forks too.

That Carey Hart's bike is sick! I like the look, yours is real nice too.

this is going to be good.. keep going

Well I ordered some graphics for E-Sticky and let me tell you, they look great! I can't wait to put these on. Also on the right is a new 50 piece wrench set and Pneumatic tool kit I got from my birthday. They aren't the top notch, but They were 250$ before the sale, and I don't know how much that sale was, but it only cost my dad 41$ tax included for that pneumatic tool set. :thumbsup:

Cleaned the forks.


I did not think it would of worked, but my old man Managed to clean the baked dirt off the head pipe by letting it soak in Simple Green overnight. It looks almost new now.




Here is the cam chain side exhaust valve, what do you think about it?



Small update for you folks! I just got my seat cover and my Grips. I should get my stator and speedometer around Friday/Monday. I also dropped off my head at the best head work shop around. (I know the family that runs it)

They are going to resurface my valve seats, change my valve seals, clean the head and cylinder, and done a very light hone on the cylinder. I also ordered some OEM valve seals and piston rings at my local Yamaha dealer.



Also picked up a torque wrench and a cheap measuring calliper, just in case.


Also added a light in my shop/basement, It's a night and day difference, literally.


Maybe not the best shop setup, but I kind of turned my basement into my room/shop/mancave.

It's not bad, a lot warmer and cosy than outside in this Canadian winter... :headshake


Also starting to clean my exhaust.

It's also nice because I have this in my room/shop/mancave.





Painted my headlight a couple minutes ago.


And... I changed the chain and re-threaded the bolt holes from my 85 Z50R case cover. The chain is a bit tight in the pic, but I will put a little more slack in it.


I think I did not too bad for today. Will post up pics in a couple hours of polishing the exhaust and such.

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