Chain Guides

I have a 1999 WR400 and need a new chain guide plastic and am wondering if one from a '03+ would fit. Anyone have any idea? If it wasn't for shipping costs it would be worth it just to order one and find out with the deal on newer ones I found.

The UFO stock replacement ones are $20-$30 and will fit 98-2002 & 2006.

So I guess that tells us that 2003 is a different shape!

After looking at some more aftermarket chain guides I think they're all the same. The part numbers for the OEM pieces are even the same for 03 and 06. has the Polisport ones on sale for $4. I was thinking about ordering a few but I probably won't be going through them that quickly. I do regret not ordering more rear fenders when I got mine for $5 though...

I've used the same Yamaha chain guides for years & years. While I've never had the '03, I've been riding models that were older & newer and the chain guides always fit from one model to the next. My money is on that they are the same.

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