YZ426F or YZ250F

I am looking for some advise here guys. I currently own a 2001 YZ426. I have had the bike approx. 4 months. It runs and handles awesome!! I just turned 46, 6'1", 180 lbs. and am getting back into riding after a 10 year layoff. I find myself riding mostly local MX & SX style tracks.

In my younger days I rode the 125 expert class. Just wondering if I would be better off with the YZ 250F? The 426 is a bit of a handful for me. I have someone that is interested in buying my 426 and I am thinking about switching to the 250F. Wish I knew someone who owned one that I could ride. The lighter weight coupled with the 250 four stroke power is very tempting. I am wondering if this bike would be easier for me to ride with my background being exclusive to the 125 class. What do you think? Wish I could afford both!!!!



I own a 426 and have ridden a few 250F's.

At your size you:

will never get another holeshot,

will need stiffer springs,

will be harder to clear some jumps.

BUT, you will be able to ride it all day without getting tired.

They are awsome bikes BUT they are a 250cc fourstroke.

Don't expect much more power than a 125, just broader delivery. Great for anyone under 160lbs.

Just my 2 cents.

I have had both bikes. At the risk of pissing off everybody in here, Just ride the 250F once.

I am 200lbs & ride the 250F just fine. It is NOT a 125! Make no mistake, THIS IS A CHEATER 125 CLASS BIKE, especially with a DRD pipe. (Warning: Bold statement ahead)It has more bottom end than my Y2K YZ250 2 stroke. If bigger is actually better, then opt for a Pumpkin 520SX.

You literally can ride a YZ250F all day. Remember, the object of the race is who can get to the finish line first, not who has the fastest laptime. Consistancy. This is worth repeating: You can ride the "F" all day -no armpump, no lung chunks and no illusions of 6 ft Penguins in 105 degree heat. Bonus info: Easier to load and I can kickstart it in flip-flops.

Lastly, it pegs the funmeter. Rivaled only by three beers and a Z50R.

You really got to ride both to decide.

Great info! I was hoping to get some opinions from people who have ridden both bikes. My main concern is the diff. in power between the two bikes. I am thinking I might actually be faster on the 250F than the 426 due to the lighter weight and more manageable power.


I've been riding a 400 in 99 and a 426 in 2000 and I had the choice for 2001, I had both bikes after my ice racing season, one to be returned to Yamaha, I rode the first spring MX race with the 426 since my 250 suspension was nowhere to be seen...

It's fun to pull great start, not as much fun getting tired when they show the crossed flags for mid-race...

I needed some time to get decent start with my 250f, but now I'm pretty dialed with it, no holeshot like when I rode the 426, but always up front, more so on hardpacked.

And I'm having quite a bit more fun at the end of thoses races!

I'm 5'6", 145 lbs and ride vet master, I went to .46 and 5.0 springs with Pro-Action valving, no others mods but I'd like a pipe for mid-top...


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