Looking at a 2007 WR 450F to buy, is there any issues with that year? Bike photo inside

I know they say to stay away from first year models and I believe the 07 WR 450 was the first year of the Aluminum frame. Is there any issues for this particular model year of WR 450F? I am looking at one that they are asking $3400. This is basically what the ad says in it and a photo of the bike. What do you think as far as price etc? Any info would be appreciated asap..


2007 Yamaha WR450

Street Legal Kit.

FMF Titanium Powerbomb Exhaust.

Gripper Seat.

Smog Emmissions Removed.

Green wire cut/throttle stop removed.

Acerbis Hand Guards.

Adjustable Air Screw.

Aftermarket Skid Plate.

Good Battery.

Oil/Filters/Valves serviced by Dealer in July.

$3400 firm

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Other than leaking water pump which is easily fixed, there are no major problem that I know of. I have covered over 15,000km on 2 of them and they are a great reliable bike. The forks are not the best and will need work if you ride fast.

The most reliable bike of it's type available.

Make sure the airfilter cage recall was completed. If it hasn't though, it would have most likely blown up already! :smirk:

And to add, I absolutely loved my 07' WR450F. I just had to sell it yesterday, but never had any problems with it, and intend on getting another in the future.

My 07 is rode every week in Baja(valves still in spec) it is the best water cooled bike I ever had.You do have to do mods to make it work.Just like any other bike.I wont tell you of all the 6 month bikes I have had(Only lasted 6 months)Its one hell of a great bike.BTR

That's a nice bike. Lots like like the factory graphics are still there so the bike wasn't ridden much.

I agree with Beezer, I haven't riden mine that much and the graphics came off!!!

I love my 07 WR, great bike. Just get the Krannie shopping list and you should be fine!

You buying another Big Rig tow Vehicle?

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