Few questions, Please read

Ok i have a few questions. My First one is. Whats the best way to take those Warning stickers off the back Fender? the ones that come on your bike when you first get it. My Second question is. Whats the best way to get a stripped Bolt off? i stripped my bottom oil drain bolt. and i mean STRIPPED it. does that gator grip thing work? i was thinking about getting it if it works. And my last question is. Is there anyway to get another compresion release lever and put it on the right side of my bike to make the hot start button up there? Not sure if i explained that good enough but i want my hot start button to be up on my handlebars like the compression release is. So i was going to buy another compresion release lever like the one that came on my bike and put it on the right side making it easier. not sure if thats possible though. Thanks for taking time to read this everyone!


i have the gyt-r compression release part# yzr-5be37-05-al , it is thumb operated. i also have the ty davis hot start button. both of these are mounted on the left . i can flick the hot start up with my thumb, push down on the comp-release, and fire her up . very simple and easy to use.

The nuclear blast proof stickers are actually easy to remove... IF done correctly. There is a thin layer of clear that peels off fairly easily. Use a single edged razor blade to remove this clear layer. Now fold a rag neatly on top of the offending sticker. Using a can of aerosol carb cleaner (NOT brake cleaner), saturate the rag. Let it set for a couple minutes. Go back and spray another dose of carb cleaner on the rag. You need to get the rag WET with carb cleaner. Wait a few more minutes. Douse the rag again. After about 10 minutes of bombardment with carb cleaner, the sticker will literally wipe right off. You don't need a chisel to remove the stickers.

The drain plug. Sounds like you're describing the head of the drain plug has been rounded off. First thing is to get a decent 6 point socket. Now lay the bike over on it's side. I lay the bike over and rest the end of the hadlebar on a stand. Place your new 6 point socket ont eh drain plug and tap it with a hammer. Chances are, "tapping" isn't going to do it. You'll probably end up having to smack it pretty good with a hefty sized hammer. Between every few smacks, put a ratchet handle on the socket and see if the plug is any closer to coming loose.

to remove the stickers, you can use a blow dryer to warm it up then peel off. i used a product called DE-SOLV-IT , I put a paper towel on the sticker and let it soak overnight. it did not harm the plastic, and it washes off with soap and water.you can find it in the cleaning products at your grocery store.

keith do you know a webpage of where i can find those products at? and MX Tuner thanks for the suggestions i will try those right now.

If you're CAREFUL you can use a chisel to get stripped bolts off (if the head is stripped by the threads are OK). You have to put it near the edge of the head of the bolt and angle it such that when you smack it with a mallet it will turn the bolt in the direction to unscrew it. But BE CAREFUL, don't slip and put a hole in your cases!

If you take the rock guard off you may be able to get a good pair of vice grips on it and turn it loose.

Or, probably the safest way (assuming the vice grips don't do the trick) is to get a screw extractor kit from the auto parts store.

About those stickers, use a blowdryer and heat them from under the fender. When they are hot enough they will peel right off.

Good luck on the bolt, I've wondered about those Gator type sockets too.

Thanks for the help, i used some paint remover type stuff called "Ooops" weird name but it did the trick. i do however have a question. The stuff is very flamable. if it drys on my fender. will it still be able to catch fire from a spark or match? ive always wondered about that on if you use something flamable and then it dries if its still able to catch fire. because it got all over my garage floor and fender. Second ive taken the skid plate off the bottom and tried using vise grips. didnt work! tried using a chisle too, didnt work either just tore the heck out of my bolt and made it worse. So i have no idea what to do about that, my friend can get it out but he'll have to turn my bike upside down. EAK! not sure if thats good for the bike???

You should be able to just lay it on it's side and then drill the bolt enough to get a big easy out in it.

I would buy one of those GatorGrips and try it first, it might work.

try your local yamaha dealer for the gyt-r parts, it is their in house brand, some of the parts are re-labled. try www.ziptyracing.com or terrycable.com for the hot. start. doug dubach is coming out with one soon. search for his site in some of the posts.

reed yz426, I stripped my sump drain bolt too, I turned the bike on its side and use a normal 'vice grip' wrench to remove mine. You'll have to set the vice tension very, very high (the little blot at the back) otherwise you'll just round the bolt even more. I also replaced my drain plug with a size 17 instead of the standard 12 now that the nut is bigger its harder to strip.


Ive been there with the oil drain bolt..check this out http://hometown.aol.com/parkflier/myhomepage/photo.html

I made the mistake of using a 12 point socket and it just went down hill after that! I tried the vice grips, hammering a 6 point on, even tried to cut the little bastard down to the next size with a dremmel tool. Then I used my trusty extractor kit, worked like a charm after i broke off the first bit in the bolt. If you use an extractor, be sure to use the largest bit that you can safely get up into the bolt...just be real careful...you dont want to go too big and drill out your case threads!


Those stickers come off come off in seconds with a power washer or at the car wash if you don't have one no fuss no muss. :)

Those stickers come off come off in seconds with a power washer or at the car wash if you don't have one no fuss no muss. :)

not the warning labels!!!

i tell ya, ive tried everything to get that bolt off, except for using an easy out. the thing just wont budge!!

the dead set last resort, and ive done this, is to find a steel open end spanner that fits, and weld the thing onto the drain plug. Use only a few spot welds and test each time, beacuse once the bolt is cracked, you will need to grind the spanner off the bolt. Make sure you are turning the thing the right way, because you will probaly need to use a hammer to tap the spanner! :)

Originally posted by keith:

not the warning labels!!!

They came off my 426 with my powerwasher no problem!!!

Doc, I've also done that by welding on an old socket to the bolt.

well i failed in my first attempt to take a stripped bolt out. so i had to take it to the shop down the street :)

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