Swapping triple clamps. 04' 450F to 03' 250 smoker

Hi guys I usually hang out in the 2 smoker section since I ride one. I'm updating my forks. I have 48mm forks off an 07' YZ450f. My question is will triple clamps from an 04' YZ450F work on my 2003 yz250 two stroke? Basically asking if the steering stem is the same dimensions as well as the bearings.

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The '04 clamps will fit the frame and the forks in question, but the wheel will be off centered. The '06 and later fork tubes are spaced 2mm farther apart then the '04-'05, but use the same axle and spacers. The wider spread makes the fork stiffer in resisting the front wheel twisting left and right, and the difference in spacing was made up at the axle by moving the axle lugs inward one millimeter on each side. If you leave everything alone, the front wheel ends up 1mm too far to the right (away from the brake side). You can either recenter the wheel with the spokes, or shave 1mm off the brake side spacer.

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