Help needed on carb issue Varnished fuel


I bought a 01 Wr426 from my buddy for $1500. He had wrecked it about 8 months ago. It needed Left side rad. repair (thanks Mylers), Compression release lever, Bars, some plastic, blah blah. My question is about the carb. The gas was pretty stinky when I drained it out of the float bowl and the tank. I wanted to know what to do with the carb. Should I go for a full rebuild, just pull it and carb cleaner it with the float bowl off???



Start by removing the jet access cap at the bottom of the float bowl and check for sludge. If fuel is still liquid, get afresh tank of 91 oct and give her a try. If the carb is full of the ripe stuff, you know the drill. :)

Before to disassemble you should try to start the engine with new fuel. It's normal that fuel is stinky after some mounths of stop

I would pull it an clean it. I had to do same, it's not that bad. My pilot jet was plugged and wouldn't idle right.

Get a aftermarket fuel screw while your at it, just don't loose the stock o-ring and spring. This should help.

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