Really screwed the pooch on this one... What to do now?

Changed my oil today, and got carried away reinstalling the frame drain plug on my 02 WR426. I over torqued it and snapped off the head. Soooo... Here's a couple photos, but the big question is, what to do now?

My only thought was to drill out the middle with a small bit and tap it with reverse thread, then run in a bolt that would pull out the remaining plug. I'm just nervous I could destroy the broken off piece of the drain plug in the process, or drill to far, and end up with metal shavings in the motor. Thoughts?




use a left handed drill bit with some grease on it to catch metal shavings. If you wind up going clear through , you can use small extractor to back whats left out .

It's probably not as bad as it seems. Here's what I would do.

1.-Remove the bottom filter assembly from the frame.

2.-Use a left handed drill bit if you have acess to one. It's not critical, and most people don't have one, but if you do have one it makes things easier.

3.-Drill thru the bolt. With a left handed drill bit, the drill bit will probably "catch" and bring the bolt with it, and your done! If not, just drill thru the center of the bolt.

4.-Use an Easy out to remove the remaining portion of the bolt. If you drilled thru the center, the "Easy Out" will remove the bolt without damaging any threads, and your done.

5.-If none of this has worked, as a last resort, you can drill the complete bolt out, threads and all, and repair the threads with a "Heli-coil" insert.

Just no matter what, don't break off the "Easy Out" inside that bolt!!! You don't want that to happen!!!

Don't worry about shavings. Those two lines leading into your frame just below the broken bolt come out. And one is a filter.

If I had to fix my WR with a broken frame oil drain bolt I would use a punch to make a mark in the center of the bolt . Progressively drill bigger to where I was at the threads, then run a 6mm x1.00 tap through. I have never had luck with ez outs. If a bolt head broke off chances are I torqued it in there like a dummy and a little ez out isn't going to spin it without snapping first.

Then use brake cleaner with a little red tube through the drain hole to flush it out.

Every step of the way take your time and feel the metal when your drill, twist and tighten like you should have in the first place. Unless you get a new bike every month or two, it's going to happen.

I keep 2 taps in top of my box to chase threads sticky threads every once in a while. They are dirt bikes and corrosion gets everywhere

I doubt you will have to go with the heli coil

Did he break the bolt before or after he screwed the pooch ?

As said, now the head has snapped off there is no load on the remaining portion of the bolt, and it should come out with a left handed drill bit as the anticlockwise rotation of the left hand drill bit will unscrew the snapped off portion

Don't use a normal right hand drill bit, coz you'll end up screwing it in farther into the frame when the drill bit bits into the metal

You may even be able to knock it round with a small drift and a hammer and work it out that way without drilling it

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