99 yz 400 have bits left over from carb clean help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

removed carb for good clean and found small o ring and washer left over ! didnot see it drop out of anywhere. I think it maybe from air/fuel screw help me!!!!!!!!!

Off of the top of my head I have no idea where those go, but the manual has some pretty good pictures in it. You should be able to tell where they go by looking in the manual.

I'll bet ya you had your accelerator pump apart. There is a very small O-ring that goes on the bottom. There is a recessed area so you can't miss it. Also, the float bowl has a small O-ring also. I know about the little O-ring, I dropped mine into the garbage can, took me 20 minutes to find the darn thing.

Good hunting,


Servus paul999,

O-Ring and washer sound like fuel screw - there is no washer in the ACP. It is FUEL SCREW - SPRING - WASHER - O-RING!


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