Another Grey Wire Story...

This is probably only of interest to Supermoto people in Europe like me.

Having motarded my '06 WR450F, I was trying to do the tyre size correction thing on the digital display talked about on some threads on here, but it seems to be disabled (in Europe anyway).

So I did what everybody else does and got a Vapor.

Since I now had the Yamaha unit off, I had an investigate and I've found the problem.

If you take off the rubber boot you will see an extra loop of grey wire on the back of the connector.

Extract (or just cut) this and the unit becomes "Rest of the World" spec. You can adjust the tyre diameter and you get the average speed feature.

I presume there's some legal thing here in the EU that means we are deprived of this usefulness.

Anyhow, it's too late for me cos I've got the Vapor, but this might be useful to somebody, and I was so pleased with myself, I had to tell somebody!

Good to know! Thanks for the headsup!!

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