GFI track at Elsinore

Has anyone ridden the new track at the Elsinore park? If so what's it like? I'm planning on riding there this Sat.


I've done a couple real slow laps just checking it out. It looks like it could be a lot of fun but it would take me a bit to learn the track, it just kind of goes back in forth and I found myself not knowing what was coming up. I need to go out there and memorize the track and I'm sure it would be a lot of fun. Have you rode the Vet track in the past week or so? It is major fun, they put in some cool peaky tables right out of corners and it's a hoot.

BTW - I heard yesterday that Saddleback is opening back up in three weeks!

I havn't been to Elsinore in a while and was thinking about going this weekend but it dawned on me that the GP is this weekend, isn't it? I'd heard that the Vet track was fun now and that on the main track they made a bypass for teh super tech rythem section 2 corners past the tower. I've tried that section a couple times and just can't get through it.

Hey Khris, I am thinking about riding Elsinore saturday with some friends, maybe the track won't be busy because everyone will be doing the GP. :) Let me know if your there, well it is not to hard to miss the Hurricane! :D Hope all is well. I am going to be at Ocatillo Nov. 30 - Dec. 2. Camping with some friends. Come on out.


I was planning on riding Elsinore this Sat. but I'm not sure now. I may make it but if not I'll probably go on Sun. Will you have your F150 there? You should be able to spot me. Do you think it'll be less crowded with the GP going on? So did Ocotillo rub off on you or what? You'll be camping out there? Cool, I should be able to make it out that weekend. Any clue as to where you guys will be camping at?


and that on the main track they made a bypass for teh super tech rythem section 2 corners past the tower. I've tried that section a couple times and just can't get through it.

Ya, the left side is bigger and on the right it's practically nothing. Once you get past that they had that whoop hill thing where you rode up and over a hill covered with whoops... well, that's gone now and replaced with a huge tabletop. They just did some much needed maintenance on the main track and now all 3 are in top notch condition.

come on down on saturday. It'll be fun. Lots of venders etc. in town. I don't think the track will be busy at all. Most not doing the GP will probably stay away and go to other tracks or the desert with the rains we've had. Yea, Ocatillo rubbed off on me, thanks to your guiding us around there. I can't wait to go. I wish it was closer for a reasonable day trip. I will have my F150 at Elsinore. Do you need me to pick up any jetting parts for you or Travis? let me know and I'll pick them up on thursday. My buddy knows where we'll be camping. gonna have a 30' toy hauler. catch ya later. hows the jetting?


Hey man, I just bought a little three rail motorcycle trailer yesterday that I need to do some work to so I probably won't make it out on Sat. but you never know, it sounds REALLY FUN!!! As for the jetting, mine worked awesome last weekend out at Ocotillo again and I think I'll leave it like it is and not mess with it. Travis got the couple jets he needed and we put them in last week. He ran around Ocotillo this past Sat. and said it made a huge difference too but seemed like there was still something missing compared to mine. I'll talk to him tonight to see what he felt was happening. I'll tell you this, if I don't make it out to Elsinore this Sat. I'll start planning on the weekend at Ocotillo. Honestly with me buying the trailer yesterday, and needing to dump some more cash into it and knowing about some BIG expenses coming up I should probably pass on the track. I will be at Ocotillo though. Find out from your friend where you think you'll be camping. The weather should be absolutely perfect by then and we could actually get some long rides in.

Maybe we should start a new thread on this Ocotillo trip and see if we can get a large number of TT members out there? Maybe another jetting party but this time without the jetting and heat and with the overnight camping and fun. If you're not opposed to it of coarse. I would think with this much notice people could mark their calanders and make it out. I can describe how to get pretty much anywhere out there as far as camping or meeting locations.

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