WR450F 2012

When bike is up on stand. Chain is adjusted properly, less than twenty hours on bike, brakes are not binding and rode almost entirely in desert conditions. When you grab the rear tire and spin it it will rotate one to one and a half rotations. My yz250f 2002 will rotate several times. Anyone with any insight?. Im just wondering if this is normal. Im assuming that it is not the rear bearings there new and sealed and axles is not bent.

Your YZ uses a standard chain, and an 19" wheel (light).

Your WR uses and o-ring chain and a 18" wheel (heavy), and has a yet to be broken in chain rub-strip.

An o-ring chain has more resistance, and an 18" wheel has more rotating mass, and a new rub strip pushes on the chain more.

Thanks for the info Krannie. Makes sense. Love the bike. Made all the talked about mods

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