426 vs CRF450

Just got my new MXA (Dec. '01). The mag compares our machine ('02) with the Honda (I have an '01). The last paragraph reads:

Listen pilgrim, and listen good! From a pure motocross point of view the YZ426 is a vastly superior race bike to the Honda.... the YZ426 handles better, is faster, has better brakes, is well suspended and has a bulletproof track record. On the race track, those are the things that matter....

So, before you jump on the Honda bandwagon, understand that the Yamaha YZ 426 is not a weak sister-it's more like a big brother.

Kick Ass blue machine!

Oh no, the dreaded comparison!..This could go on for months.

I too feel the same way the article read. The bike Hughes rode that was smoking every one at GH, was vastly superior to the show-room model available to us meek clod jumpers.

After growing up on XR's in the late 70's early 80's, then switching to 2 smokes (dare I say the words), I was ecstatic to return to a thumper that fit my riding style I had adapted to from racing 250's. However, Honda will persue the 426 king!. I give them a few years, but it'll happen. They are hungry for their lost share of the market place to Yamaha back in 00. Following their brain dead decision to loose Jeremy to strangulatory politics a few years earlier. They haven't stopped burrying their toes in each others butts for that one. I root for no make, I just await the leaps and bounds of future thumper technologiy that is just over the horizon.


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