'10 to '13 YZ 450 Kayaba Shock Manual

The Yamaha manual does not show a parts breakdown or build procedure for the Kayaba Shock.

Does anyone have a link to the Kayaba manual?

Yamaha doesn't want owners fiddling with the shock. They also don't service any of the internal parts through their parts dept.

The Suspension Direct catalog will show a parts breakdown/exploded view, and you can download Dave Johnson's (SMART Performance) KYB build instructions here: http://fullthrottlemc.us/docs/YZ-WR_ALT_SHOCK_REBUILD.pdf

The only real difference in design with the '10+ as opposed to the '09- is the orientation of the reservoir chamber, and if anything, the new shock should be even easier to bleed effectively by using the comp adjuster method Dave describes.

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