Possibly seized 09 450, but not sure

Hey guys, I got a 2009 YZ450 that I bought from a buddy of mine for a fairly good price, but i knew when i bought it that it had a lot of hours on it. The first time it broke, the 3rd gear broke apart inside the transmission and sent scraps of metal all over the engine, and did quite a bit of damage, but my buddy that I bought it from fixed it all for me. The second time it broke was just a little over 2 hours ago. I was mid air and revved it a little bit, and it started making this awful noise, so i pulled off and killed it. When i went to start it back up again to see if i could figure it out, the kickstarter was locked up and I thought that the bike seized, but it turns out that the main clutch basket gear broke apart, and there were pieces of it stuck in the bottom end that were prohibiting the crank from spinning around I guess, but he fixed it for me again.

Now yesterday, I go off a jump, and the motor bogs down in the air, and almost stalls mid-air. I thought that I was in to high of a gear, so the second I landed i shifted down, but the rear wheel was locked, and the bike died. The kick starter is all locked up like it's seized, but the motor didn't really feel like it locked up, it felt more like the rear wheel was locked up, but it doesn't kick over, I'm baffled. The symptoms are very similar to last time, because last time it wouldn't kick over either, but it turned out it wasn't seized, so it makes me think it's not seized this time. I am back up at school now and can't really take it to my buddy for help, so I'm kinda stuck on my own with this one, and I really don't want to put a grand into a 4 year old bike.

Do you guys have any ideas?

Any help is appreciated

don't really know what it could be without taking it apart but I got to say you got a good buddy to fix it twice for you.

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