HRC exhaust tip - how to identify?

Hello everyone. I purchased a BRP a little under 2 months ago, and have been really enjoying it. Anyway, I'm pretty damn sure the bike is uncorked (nothing that loud could be EPA lega), but I'm trying to figure out if I have the stock, drilled out baffle or the HRC baffle. Any way to check by inspection on the outside or by removing it? Also, on a side note, does the full blown HRC race kit (cam, piston, etc) run on race gas due to the higher comp.? Thanks for the help!

I can't recall if the PN# is stamped on the part or not, but that would be one way of telling. I would also think you might be able to see marks from where the hole saw did some cutting on the stock tip vs the HRC tip. It's been a long time since I've looked at either tip.

I've heard some people with the full HRC race kit say they run their bikes on pump fuel without problems while others have said they get slight pinging. Some guys have told me they lost some power off the bottom end from this while others didn't agree, but they all agreed they got more on top. I've never run the HC piston, so I really don't know from personal experience.

Here's some text from a recently published article I read on how the Honda Off Road Team builds their Baja bikes that you might find interesting.

" An HRC Power-Up Kit (available through all Honda Dealers, Part Number 06130-NLB-010) is the star of this show, but many times the team will elect to use only a portion of the kit. The kit’s heavy-duty clutch springs, cam chain (plus corresponding sprockets and tensioner), high-performance cam and appropriate jetting (as well as additional breather holes in the airbox cover—though the stock filter and backfire screen are retained) are used for all events. The kit also includes specs for an exhaust system, and Pro Circuit’s full T4 system complies and is used by the team.

When conditions demand more power, Campbell employs the kit’s high-compression piston as well as minor porting of the head to help bring out the optimum power characteristics for specific racing applications. Unless the high-compression piston is used, however, the team runs stock porting.

“We really like the way the engine runs using the stock piston and stock compression,” says Campbell. “We can run that motor for tens of thousands of miles, no problem.” And with 15/47 gearing, compared to the stock 14/48, Campbell’s Baja bike will nudge 115 mph

If the tip says "Screen Type Spark Arrestor" on the outside, its not the HRC tip.

jaybert nailed it!

Just checked mine. No writing. Just brushed stainless?


Hmmmm.. Just checked the chrome tip, and there was no writing on it. Just a polished-chrome look. So, does that mean that it's the HRC tip then? My dealer had one in stock, and I was going to pick it up at the same time I pick up the HRC Hop up kit if it didn't have it. Thanks.

Yep, that' the HRC tip if its got the 40mm opening and it does not any writing stamped on the outside. Both tips are spark arrested, but only the stock tip as the compliance verbage stamped on the outside unless things have changed in the last 6+ months.

You have the uncorked spark arrester! Like qadsan said. There is no stamped # or wording on mine! I just did mine so it is fresh in my head.

That's about the only thing though! :)

I don't believe that the HRC tip is actually a USFS Approved Spark arrestor, but the stocker is. I don't know if the rangers would look inside to verify (it is deeper than 4 inches), or check the markings on the muffler (the muffler does not have any stampings to indicate that it is also a spark arrestor, as the XR600's did). I finally went to an FMF Q, mainly because it was such a grey area with the HRC tips legality.

You're right about it being a grey area. The HRC tip has got the spark arrestor screen on it and is truly a spark arrested tip, but it doesn't have the stamping like the stock tip. I've heard it both ways from different rangers, so there's even a difference of opinion there :). I've never been stopped or had a problem even when talking to a ranger about this, so I'm not too worried. If worse comes to worse, there's always a solution.

Does it need to be stamped ? Look for the red or in the text. Seems to me the HRC tip would qualify as legal ??

Just talked to Hollister Ranger Station, they say the HRC tip is legal as long as the stock spark arr. is retained. It does not need to be stamped.

"CVC 38366. (a) Notwithstanding Section 4442 of the Public Resources Code, and except for vehicles with mufflers as provided in Article 2 (commencing with Section 27150) of Chapter 5 of Division 12, no person shall use, operate, or allow to be used or operated, any off-highway motor vehicle, as defined in Section 38006, on any forest-covered land, brush-covered land, or grass-covered land unless the vehicle is equipped with a spark arrester maintained in

effective working order.

(:) A spark arrester affixed to the exhaust system of a vehicle subject to this section shall not be placed or mounted in such a manner as to allow flames or heat from the exhaust system to ignite any flammable material.

© A spark arrester is a device constructed of nonflammable materials specifically for the purpose of removing and retaining carbon and other flammable particles over 0.0232 of an inch in size from the exhaust flow of an internal combustion engine or which is qualified and rated by the United States Forest Service.

(d) Subdivision (a) shall not be applicable to vehicles being operated off the highway in an organized racing or competitive event upon a closed course, which is conducted under the auspices of a recognized sanctioning body and by permit issued by the fire protection authority having jurisdiction."

Is actually a USFS Approved Spark arrestor

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