03 wr450f kick starter shaft cracked

Just bought 03wr450f. It backfired on first time kick starting it. Then the kick starter would not disengage from engine. I looked down and kick starter shaft and it looked bent. Opened side case and took kick starter away out and the shaft is cracked. Also looked at the case the kick starter shaft comes out and it is cracked too. I found a used case on eBay and it is in the mail. What kick start away should I put in. Book calls for 5ta-15601-10-00. Where should I buy this:-)

Also I want new plastic and new factory stickers. Where is a good place to buy on line?

pics needed

Search around on this forum, not an uncommon issue and lots if info already published about it.

Like Maniac said post some pics so we can get a better feel for what you are talking about that broke.

If you are replacing the kick shaft, you will find that for the WR450 the shaft is smaller diameter in 2003 only. All the rest (2004+) are larger diameter and will not fit. The same for the side cover... the hole is smaller for 2003 and the other years are larger.

If you are replacing both the shaft and the engine side cover I would find the parts from a 2004-2006 bike because the larger kick shaft is less likely to break again in the future.

If you already purchased a 2003 side cover you will need the kick shaft for a 2003 WR450. The kick shafts for the WR250F are the same size as the 2003 WR450 and are usually easier to find.

Pics of my kick starter shaft cracked and case cracked.

When I pull the cold start knob out on carb it pops back in I ordered a new one is it easy to replace?

What is best way to start bike. First time I was pulling choke and driving throttle




I just paid 1700 for this 2003 wr450f.

Last night I ordered new Yamaha fuel tank side plastic new graphics from factory effects.

What else should look for on this. I have not rode for about 15 years. We got our son a 100 crf which he loves. I was looking for a trail bike to go ridding with him. Will this bike be a good bike?


These are some pics I took. Anyone see anything that needs attention


More pics




More pic's




Pics of my kick starter shaft cracked and case cracked.

When I pull the cold start knob out on carb it pops back in I ordered a new one is it easy to replace?

What is best way to start bike. First time I was pulling choke and driving throttle

Yep it's broke. See my suggestions above about the parts replacement.

For starting, stay off the throttle on these bikes especially when using the kick starter.

A long time two-stroke rider broke the kick starter off on one of mine by trying to start it like a two stroke (stabbing the kick starter and twisting the throttle)

You can't do that. It even says so in the Yamaha manual!


You could try this site here

They may not have this in stock or available but worth a go. Shipping is cheap but can take from 2-3 weeks to arrive (internationally). I buy all my parts there

If they do not have it available your money will be refunded in full so no need to worry

Your bike is pretty new so they should have it available or be able to get hold of it for you.

You can buy just the shaft (usually) without buying all the gears as the gears are quite robust & last alot longer than the shaft (usually). If you find the part number of the actual shaft,type it into the search bar in the site that i left in the link.


On the attention subject (pointing out the obvious & not trying to be rude)

It could do with a wash first.

Then the chain tightened :cool:

I know..... my maintenace suggestion is kinda .... :lame::lol:

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I couldn't tell if the shaft was cracked or just scratched from the picture? I could see that the case was cracked though. These bikes are incredibly robust and will take a ton of abuse with just a little preventive maintenance performed. Whenever purchasing a used bike, check to make sure the valve clearances are in spec. This is probably the most critical aspect of keeping the engine together and avoiding catastrophic engine failure. And also change the engine oil regularly.

"Oil is cheap, engines aren't!"

Thanks for all the advice. I have never had a bike this complex. My last bike back in 1995. It was a 1979, Yamaha 175 enduro.

How do I add the correct amount of oil?

Put in what the books says run it for a bit and then chech it with the dip stick behind the radiator?

Do I check valve clearance per the book? Is it easy to do. Do I need any seals. Ill update with photos when I get it running

What areas do I have to watch out for when washing bike?

Pressure wash or hose wash?

When I reassemble the rh side covers do I locktight the bolts for the case and covers?

Welcome to the Yamaha fraternity! You will find everything you need to know in the Yamaha manual. Since it's a used bike, I'd check the valve clearances now. It's easy enough to check, but time consuming to change if they are out of spec. We don't know your mechanical ability, so we can't judge whether or not your capable. As far as washing goes, everyone has there own method of cleaning there bike. Some use pressure washers, some don't. My feeling is that your bike will last longer without being subjected to pressure washing, especially bearings, etc..

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