Help I need a quick fix!

My 2003 YZ450f has sat for almost a year so I decided to sell it. It wasn't running great so I pulled the carb off to clean everything out. Ibroke the plastic hot start nut in the process. I work at a dealership and have a new one coming, but I have someone who wants to buy it today. I stuck a bolt in the hole where the hot start cable goes in, will this temporary fix create a problem? I can't seem to get the carb adjusted quite right now. Its running extremely rough and popping whith no load on it. So my question is: could capping off the hot start be my problem or do i just suck at adjusting carbs? ( which I kind of already knew)

"Capping off" the hot start without the plunger in it is like having the hot start open all the time. If you absolutely have to do it that way, put the plunger and seal in, the spring on top of it, then the bolt.

oops.... i got it running decent , but that would explain my difficulties. so if i replace the plunger it wont fall out of reach and be impossible to retrieve without pulling the carb?

No. A simple wire hook will retrieve it.

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