2012+ WR450f compared to alternatives

I'm seeking opinions from those who have ridden the new WR450f and how you liked it compared to others. Specifically, I've gotten to ride a 2008 KLX450r quite a bit that I really liked. From what I can gather weight is about the same. I've been watching craigslist for a nice used one but I like the idea of getting away from a carburetor.

I'm also interested in opinions comparing the Yamaha to KTM 350 EXC or XCF-W.

These purchasing decisions would be much easier if we could actually test ride these bikes!

I've ridden all the bikes mentioned.

The KLX is large, and has unlimited potential for radical performance.

The WR is smaller, more civilized (tranny, suspension, motor smoothness, etc) but can out-turn the KX in almost any corner.

The KTM's are very light feeling, but the suspension is not as sophisticated as the new WR or the KX, and they are much more revvy motors.

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