1999 WR400 Questions for my Winter Rehab Project

I have tried the search function and have not been able to find the answers to my questions yet. I am hoping someone can yield some answers for me.

Here we go.

99 WR400

1. What is the size of my stator (output wattage)? Found it, I think. 85-100 watts, per Ricky Stator and William1.

2. I am going to replace my bent, stock radiators, and I have found information about Myler's here on the site. They look great. Does anyone know anything or heard anything about MotoPower radiators? Yes, they are on eBay, but I was hoping someone could give me some first hand information and review about their products if possible. Most things are built in China now a days, but I wasn't sure about these and their reputation.

3. Are the front fork sizes for 98-02 Vintage all 46mm? I believe that the 2000-02 was the first year of the YZ front forks trickling into the WR series. I am thinking of picking up newer forks if they will just bolt right up in the current triples that I have.

Those are my big question's. Thanks for any input up front.

Ride safe and thanks!


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My biggest question right now is what size are the forks on the 99 that I own. 46mm I believe. Anyone have any input on the sizes of the forks up to 2002?

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