Packing for a long trip

3 of us are riding about 1200km on a trip soon. With packing space an issue, what are the important spares to take?

Puncture repair kit

Master link

zip ties

Duct tape

? any suggestions


21" tube (use front or rear)

CO2 cartridges and cartridge tool

Large tire spoons (Motion pro)

super large zip ties

bailing wire

first aid kit

Tool bag

do a search in the California forum for 'tool kit' and you will get a bunch of info

Two part epoxy putty!

Lighter & a knife

Bottle opener and Dilithium crystals

Have one rider carry 21 tube,other carry 18 tube.As the 21 in rear blows out in short time then you have to do again.BTR

What kind of bags are you guys using to haul all the tools etc.? Anyone make a good size front fender bag? Used to have a Moose one but it was too small.

I carry my tools in my backpack in a tool roll but between the tools, water, food, layers, etc it's too much on my back and I end up sore at the end of the day. Wolfman makes some cool products. My friend has the E-12 bags and they seem really well made. If you want something smaller they have the "day tripper" bags now: I think these would be a good way to carry tools, spares, etc and take some of that weight off your back or front fender.

Thanks everyone! I read up on what you all said, and I packed accordingly. Just finished the trip, and to true WR style, I never even missed a beat (even after dropping my bike in deep water.

Pic of me straight after dropping my bike in a slippery crossing. Started first time (PHEW!)

Ride on WR!


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