Hey guys, been checking out this web site for a day now and it looks like it provides us fellow riders with alot of valuable info. I just got my new 01' 426 a couple of months ago and must say this thing really "Ripps". I have a 93' KX250 for sale if anyone might know anybody interested in it. Over $4,500 invested will sell for $2,395 obo. let me know by e-mail if anyone might be interested or have any questions. It is in great shape but definitely is not a 426. I love my 426 just can't ride enough. Everyone I know that has rode my bike can't get off of it. Kudos to Yamaha!! As far as the CRF450 Yami has 4 years of production on Honda so they can try but they ain't gonna cut it!! I bought a bike that is PROVEN!!! I haven't done the BK MOD yet anybody think I should? I really don't have any bogging problems except when I have a freshly oiled air filter. Let me know, anyone interested in the KX e-mail me please!! Ride till you Die!!

Welcome to the site. As far as the BK Mod goes, I think if your not having any problems don't screw with it. Like the old saying, If it aint broke dont fix it. As far a your air filter, watch how much oil you are putting on it. Dont put too much. I know alot of people who have done the BK Mod and can't seem to get it to work right. I am not doing it to mine. Well, I hope I helped. Chris

Welcome Frank, I too have an 01' that had never suffered the bog. But you always wonder if things could be better and they can. The BK mod is simple and if you don't like or can't get the results you hoped for, take the screw out and nobody will ever know anything was done!

The jetting can be interesting but that's a given dependant on where you live anyway so why not play with it some. I didn't net huge gains but better and more consistent starting, especially in cooler temps, also the bike is quicker to get through the rev range. I for one am not a revver, I have never felt the rev-limiter and I've owned my bike a full year! The bike is fun and if you do the BK mod it will give you a much greater understanding of how the carb works as a whole. Enjoy your bike and roost on! BTW, w/the mod I finally stuck w/42 pilot,1clip richer than stock and 165-168 main depending on temps. Runs crisp and doesn't bog. Jason

Welcome FASTFRANK! We love to see new two-stoke converts joining TT. :D Enjoy! :)

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