Just bought 2003 WR450F. I have lots of questions

1. What is best way to start it

2 what is best oil to use

3. What are some things to check on it

I broke the kick start shaft on first time when I got it home. It back fired when starting and giving it gas. I posted that in this forum a couple days ago and got lots of good feedback.

I purchased it for $1700. Wife is mad but I love the bike. Im 40 and looking to go riding with my 13. Year old son. We just got him a 100 honda crf. I have not rode dirt bikes since 1995. I had a 1979 Yamaha 175 enduro. This bike seems a lot more complex.

I am just looking for any and all pointers to keep me out of trouble and have some fun getting dirty








Thanks. I am reeding them right now lots of good stuff. Sorry for the rookie questions.

I am new to WR450's myself...just got a hold of a 2004. Not sure how different they are, but definitely go through and change all fluids that were in there from the prior owner no matter what they say about how recently they changed them...you never know how accurate they are and it is very cheap insurance, plus you will start to become familiar with your bike that way.

I was thinking yours was also electric start since my 2004 is, but maybe not. If electric, I have found mine works very well as long as I do not forget to toggle off that little sneaker gray button. It will discharge your battery to zilch if you forget to turn it off after riding. I just did this in fact and was able to kick start the bike, then it brought the battery up enough so I could put the Battery Tender on it and bring it back from the dead. Surprised me and I have a perfect battery now---I had forgotten the button was on for approx 3 weeks, yikes!!

These are very powerful bikes and I like the wide gearing esp since I am a woods/rocks guy, not a track guy...would not even think of getting on a track with this bike. You are starting with your son like I did, except I had a 450 MX bike and could not ever putt around behind him without considerable clutching all the time. You will not have this issue with the WR.

Thanks a lot.

i had a 03 YZ250F a bit ago and they are pretty similar, i learned alot from here and Youtube. there is a guy on youtube (jonnysshop) look at his channel and he completly rebuilt an 03 yz250F. peice by peice. i learned a LOT from those videos and reading the fourms in here.

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