Need a value opinion from you guys on supermoto wheelset

I have a near new Excel supermoto wheelset for my '05 WR.

They are nearly flawless with Excel hubs, new never used rotors and front cliper adapter, new never used michelin pilot power 2ct tires.

What do you think I should be asking for these realistically?

I don't need to sell them, but if I list them I won't do it in vain, I want them to sell.

I can post pictures later today

take a look at

There was a local guy here Minneapolis who had a set from his YZ he offered me very similarly setup and basically ended up almost giving them away at like $400 or $500 after trying to sell them for several months in the $600-$700 range.

I didn't need or really even want them, but I was surprised as to how cheap he had to sell them to move these.

thatnks for the suggestion on SMJ, i purposely didnt pose the question there because i didn't want to get a ton of people messaging me with offers, just trying to get an idea.

If they would only sell for that much, there's no way I'd get rid of spent that much on the rotors and tires.

i just really want to get a new bike and have tons of parts to sell...thought i'd include them

thanks fellas!

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