carb question?

I have a 1979 Yamaha 175 that i just bought. I have a question on why the RMP's stay up after i let off the throdle. the bike revs high for about 2 seconds then starts to go back down. I dont have it ilde either. I is a Mikuni carb.

I also have a 99 yz 125 for sale if anyone is intrested in buying it?


1) Throttle is sticking- check cable routing and play, throttle return in all bar positions (should snap back quickly when released)

2) jetting is dead lean in the midrange- check fuel flow, or look for a carb boot air leak

Solution? Sell both of the ringdings and buy a four stroke motorcycle... this is THUMPERTALK (as in valves and cams and straight gas), not Smokerchat or Premixyack, or whatever 2-stroke BBS you were looking for.

Thanks for the advice, and i will be getting the CRF450 in a couple weeks. still for sale 1999 yz125

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