Some Fuel MPG info for ya'll

I raced an Enduro a few weeks back. It was 86 ground miles of a good mix of sandy single track, quad trail, and a few 5th gear jeep trail straight a ways. I had my big Clarke 3.6 gal tank on the bike. I had my bike on a hitch carrier across the back of the camper. Last time I strapped the fuel can up, in b/t the bike and the camper, I ended up marking up the paint on the camper, so I just left the fuel can home. I figured I could go 86 miles no problem since I was just going to be cruising around and not really pushing it for the enduro. It was a gamble for sure, b/c you know I ended up pushing it more than I wanted. I just drained the tank and had 37 oz left plus whatever is still in the bowl/carb!! Way too damn close!

Anyhow, by my math that is about 26 MPG for Enduros. Probably more like 22-23mpg once I get back in shape and charge the whole race. Probably 30 MPG for casual trail riding.

For Dual Sporting I'm going to go off of 40mpg. I got 46mpg on my 06WR450, but I have this 09 jetted a little richer, so until I get some hard data, 40MPG is my estimate for fire road Dual Sporting.

These numbers close to what everyone else is getting?image.jpg

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Yes on a 8 hour ride one fill up 22-26 mpg next 28-35mpg next 35-40 .So three fill ups in one day.None the same.

30 mpg is the # I usually get for dual sporting around here on my 08'. My low was 28 off-road.

Maybe it's running too rich. I'd love to see 40 mpg, somehow.

I'm thinking the mid-range jet should be swapped out for the next size smaller?

better measure is hours

with the clarke 3.6 you can do over 3hrs of riding

I can easily get 100km from my 8.5 litre tank in fire trails / single track.

So that is around 33-35 mpg. I would say on a road ride I would be 40 mpg+

I am jetted pretty lean.

160 MJ

40 pilot

EKP needle

Yeah that is pretty lean. You should get well past 40mpg on the road.

Currently I'm at Main Jet 168, Pilot 45, Leak 45, JD Red needle 4th clip. I'm thinking about leaning the needle 1 clip more. Would like a little cleaner thrust in the upper revs.

With the stock jetting and at a high altitude in Colorado (8-13k feet), I went 210 miles on the 3.6 gal tank road riding in 5th gear 95% of the time. 58mpg.

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I forgot to add this.

Do you think the stiffer Merge Racing Accelerator Pump Spring or the O-Ring Mod, which both accomplish the same thing, has any effect on fuel mileage? I have to think it does, since the throttle response seems to be much quicker.

02' 520exc. Getting 45-50 rode ride low ballin. 35-45 hard rippin.

The AP spring and oring mods really should only change the response time of the AP not the volume. It just ensures a full immediate squirt instead of long flow.

Unless you get a modded diaphragm or longer arm the volume is the same.

50mpg DS. 25 trail

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50mpg DS. 25 trail

Do you know what your jetting is? I'd like to try getting better milage and it sounds like yours is jetted well for DS.

Glenn just go a step or two leaner on the main and the needle. Also check your float while you are at it. Make sure you are not losing any fuel while you are riding.

Do you know what your jetting is? I'd like to try getting better milage and it sounds like yours is jetted well for DS.

165 MJ helped. Also gearing 15tooth CS sprocket

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