Quiet exhaust?

Anyone know of an exhaust that is quieter than factory without loosing too much power?

I have the opportunity to ride on some privately owned acreage with awesome trails. The only catch is that if any of the neighbors of his 300 acres call and says anything access is refused.

Completely stock silencers with all of the baffles, tips, etc. are incredibly quiet. I doubt any aftermarket ones are going to be quieter than that. Your right wrist controls the sound level too.

So far I think that is my only solution. When I want to ride there I put all the packing and peashooter back in it is amazing how much power is lost when you do. But I don't change the jetting and it is way rich. When I take it all back out there is a very heavy buildup of black soot. 8 - 10 hours there which equals 4 - 6 hrs ride time.

Stock is quietest. then next is LEXX MXe w/ trail saver. I have tried almost a dozen WRF pipes... nothing is even close to stock

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FMF Q is a very nice performance pipe that runs at less than 94dB. 94dB should pass sound laws in the entire US I belive. That is the standard we are held to in Michigan and from what I was told, it is a lower sound level than most other places in the country.

The FmF 4Q is quiet when chugging,but once the power is rolled on it becomes louder than stock. I am pretty sure it has a decibel rating of 96d (or so i seem to remember) which is within the limits of most countries.

barra is right. FMF gets a bark when you rip on it. And if you leave the S/A / Quiet tip in it dramatically reduces power.

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