RTT Stabilizer

I just installed the stabilizer and am very impressed. EVERYTHING about it is first class and the fit couldn't be better. I remember with my Scotts, the post came off a couple of times during races (I was wondering why I was crashing so often). With the RTT, the way the post is designed, there is no way it can come off.

I think it is clearly the best on the market today. It should be for the price.


I have had the rtt for almost 6 months it is by far the best Rode a harescramble on my pig yesterday very muddy and rutted with alot of roots exposed it worked exceptionally well and then there were some long grass fiels all out 5th gear then some mudd and soft stuff in the middle it just too the ruts and helped you keep up the speed. the on the fly adjutment was great on long fast sections turn it up and then back it off in the tight slow stuff or leave it in the middle if it was rutted or roots A big plus in my opinion !!!! just a pic to show how muddy it really was !!!


What color was your bike again? :)

Sounds like a great product. I'm glad to hear some imput on it, I have read on Scotts and GPR but very little on the RTT!

Every once in a while you feel like playing in the mud and I usually enjoy mud with most machines but with the BRP I haven't quite gotten comfortable with mud.

Thanks for the report


Have you looked at their website? It is an awesome product and clearly the number one choice in its field. I ride with several guys that have them on various bikes and they are all stoked on the product. :)

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