95% octane gas for WR 450

I just brought a new to me 2003 wr450 and while reading through the manual while I was half asleep I thought I read something that said use 95% octane gas. Was I dreaming or is this true? :)

i think 95 RON or 91-93 pump gas will work good, i use it and so does everyone else, you can run a mix of oxygenated fuel and pump gas but thats a little $$ and you have to go bigger on the main to account for the oxygen, if you get a high compression piston (like it needs it) then you will have to run race fuel to avoid predetonation :):D

I mix Sunoco Ultra 94 ( 2 gallons ) to Cam2 114 ( 3 gallons ) It runs great and smells good too. Around here the Cam2 is $7.00 a gallon but it's worth it. Much better throttle response and great power all through the power band.

My bike has seen nothing but 92 octane pump gas, and it's been nothing but good to me. If race gas gave me 5 extra horse, I am not sure it would make me any faster...

It don't make you faster just makes it snappier and pull a little harder. Noticable difference.

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