RTT Stabilizer

I just installed the stabilizer and am very impressed. EVERYTHING about it is first class and the fit couldn't be better. I remember with my Scotts, the post came off a couple of times during races (I was wondering why I was crashing so often). With the RTT, the way the post is designed, there is no way it can come off.

I think it is clearly the best on the market today. It should be for the price.


I've been looking for a stabilizer for my WR426 and have read about the RTT. It looks great, but a bit pricey. Your testimony makes my decision easier.


I have had mine for a few months now and found it to make me a better rider. The thumb adjuster takes a little time to get used to. I broke my thumb at a race and it hurts to move the lever.

I am sure the others are good too, but this is the future. I am sure Scotts and WER are working on their copy of the RTT.

Rtt customer service is top notch.

Can you change your oil without removing the clamp? I have 2 of them one for a yz and one for a ktm find it a pain to check oil on the yz due to where the dip stick is. Is it different on the WR? I do love the thumb switch sometimes you need it and sometimes you don't nice to have that ability with a thumb switch instead of having to turn a dial.

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