How much is too much?

How much rear spring and front fork compression is right? I noticed while washing my bike that there was a "dirt ring" about half way down the front tubes, and I started to think how much compression is too much? The front end feels like it's a little to soft and feels like I'm almost bottoming out the front end when I land. More that likely because I'm not technically landing the bike correctly. Actually, I'm just happy to ride off after the jump...haha.

Now, don't let me mislead you. I'm only talking about jumping a distance of 12-14 feet while only being a few feet off the ground.

Here is how you find out what your forks are doing. First, put a zip tie around one of your forks, make sure you get it tight. Next, go as soft as you can on your compression. Next, ride the bike, and after you ride for awhile, stop and look at your zip tie and see if it is at the bottom of your fork. There is no need in having all the travel and not using it. No further than you are jumping you should not be bottoming out, but if you are, just add more compression, then slide your zip tie back up, ride some more and see what it is doing and then just keep playing with it. You want the zip tie to go almost to the bottom but not all the way. I hope this helps you.


I think this is a great question, and essentially the key to having a fast and comfortable machine.

In my opinion, low compression movements should be minimal, almost tight, and high compression movements loose, (someone translate that to rod speed).

So what does that mean? Or more importantly, how do you set the bike up for maximum speed and comfort?

Anyone else care to jump in on this?


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