2012 YZ450F Clutch fit in 2008? GTY-R quality?

I am looking at needing to put a new clutch ( basket, pressure plate) in my 2008 YZ450F. I found a complete GYT-R clutch (basket, pressure plate, inner hub, plates, springs) made for a 2012 YZ450F, and was wondering if it would work in my 2008? Also, are the GYT-R clutch components quality parts? Does anyone make the parts for GYT-R? They somewhat resemble Hinson components.

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Yes it will. The resemblance to Hinson is because Hinson made them.

I thought so, I just wasn't sure. I noticed that the 2010-current 450 uses different a different part number for the clutch plate (the friction plate is the same). Any idea why the difference?

Probably a materials change. The new number showed up in '09, but the specs for the steel plate thickness did not change with the new part number.

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