Oberg Sports Triple Clamp

Has anyone out there tried the Oberg Sports Triple clamp? It's the one with the "sprocket like teeth" in the handle bar mounts. I think it's the one I'm most interested in because of how far forward you can mount the bars. I'm 6'2" with long arms. I already have the Jimmy Button high bars and this clamp gets the bars the furthest forward. Several months ago, MXA reviewed the clamp and they liked it.

Just curious if any of you have tried it. Thanx.

I have a set of Obergs for my KTM that I am borrowing from a fellow thumpertalker until next week. 5 adjustments positions..1 more than the stock KTMs. The mounts, when up as far as they will go, almost put the bars infront of the bleeder screw. I run them so far forwad that the bleeder screw is under the bars. Very simple to adjust the bars at the track too, just put a 21 mm wrench under, turn the bolts out a few turns, and relocate the mounts....I'd like to see any other set of clamps to that...without having to remove the bars!!!!!!

THe manufacturing looks phenominal, and they are a beefy set of clamps. They are just an overall gorgeous pair. He said they are for sale....I just may buy em. :)

426 pilot,

I havent tried the Oberg clamp, but I can recommend bar risers. Im 6'4" and have the button bars also. I got 1.5" up x 1.5" forward risers from www.thumperracingusa.com I dont think they are listed on the site, but you can get the phone # from the site if your interested.

They really open the bike up and make it easy to stand if your tall. Heres a picture of the bike with them on my stock clamps http://members.aol.com/parkflier/myhomepage/yz1a.jpg?mtbrand=AOL_US



I just installed an Oberg Sports top triple clamp on my yz426. It's definitely great for taller riders (I'm 6'2"). At the furthest position out the bars practically cover the rebound adjustment screws. You can also order the 40mm height bar clamp which increases the height over standard by about 10mm. It's night and day better than the Applied clamp it replaced.

Hey Flyinguitars,

Those risers are on the stock clamp? If so what was the cost? When I stand up I feel like I'm on a little girls bike. (I'm 6'4"+). I like the position of your bars...Nice bike overall.

Please let me know what they cost and I'll call up the place you mentioned and get me some.




Thanks...yea they are the stock clamps. I think I paid around 80-90$ for the risers. They really open the bike up.



Hey flying,

I just got off the phone with those guys and they are $90 bucks...Man that is steep! Also they say they are 1.5 up and only .75 forward. Is that right or are they different from the ones you got?

Anyway, for two small peices of alum...that's a lotta dough ray me...

Thanks for the tip though...I may have to bite the bullet...my back can't hang with the bent over posture for much longer.

Ride On...


I'm also 6'4" but I haven't gone to any of the extra height or forward mounts. You guys say they're better when you're standing but what about in corners when you're sitting, does it feel like you're riding a old harley chopper or are they still pretty comfortable?

i have a brand new (1 hour on it) 2002 top triple clamp for sale.. 10 mm forward, 5 mm(i think) taller.. $75.00 you pay shipping..

if intrested e-mail me at... loopguy@mediaone.net

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