Seating Piston Rings

I have torn down my engine and done a careful inspection of the parts. My cylinder/piston fit is well within spec, and the cylinder is also well within spec (taper, roundness, & diameter). The only thing I am going to change is the piston rings, which are getting somewhat close to the limit on end gap. Since I am only replacing the piston rings, how important is it to hone (de-glaze) the cylinder? I though I read in the factory manual that it said do not hone the cylinder. This thread seems to indicate that it is necessary for a good ring seat.

Can someone explain why the de-glaze is important to seat the rings, and do I need to do this if I am only replacing the rings?



P.S. I tried posting the question on a related (old) thread (, but it didn't seem like anyone read the post.

i've always used a flexable ball hone to de-glaze a cylinder bore vs a stone hone. from what i have read, the honing actually removes any combustion debris and cuts small grooves into the cyl wall to allow for lubrication and proper ring seating.

RMATVMC has them. be sure to read the directions that accompany the tool. not that it's difficult to use but to understand what the end result should be.

Youtube has vids that may help you find what your looking for

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Thanks for the description and the link. I will be sure to hone it now when it goes back together.

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