Just bought a 650L...

It's a '93 in decent shape with about 8800 miles on it - all stock. I'm a little disappointed with the power (used to an '04 CRF450). What can I expect out of this thing? I heard they were wheelie monsters with tons of torque but it seems to need quite a tug on the bars to get that wheel up there in any gear. What should I expect? Shouldn't I be able to loft the wheel in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with no clutch?

Oh yeah, this sucker's HEAVY but I love the electric start seeing as I have a broken bone in my right leg!

Thanks for any replies...

It's a great training bike and you have to un-cork it first. Go into the archives for all the info.

I'm having a blast on mine! :)

You'll have to get used to the weight, a softer suspension, a high standover height, fairly tall gearing, and using the clutch more off-road. A little clutch feathering (abuse) is needed with second gear when riding technical trails. Keep your tire pressure around 17 or 18 psi. Get some aftermarket grips and add about 4 psi to the forks.

If you plan on mostly riding off-road change the countershaft sprocket from a 15 to a 14-tooth, especially if you a run larger rear tire such as 130/90-18. Gearing down, either by decreasing the front or increasing the rear, will change how this heavy beast performs and will definitely make the front end feel (a lot) lighter.

Remove the smog equipment and air box snorkle, rejet the carb, and install a new pipe and foam air cleaner and you'll really notice an increase in the L's performance.

It costs a few bucks, but it's money well spent.

Also you mite wanna get an src fork brace for your bike it improves handeling and bottoming resistance. I plan on getting one for my '01 soon. Also mite wanna think about a bash plate where i ride i woudlnt even ride it till i put a bash plate on it. :)

The 650L is a terrible pig in stock condition. BUT it can be helped. I modified mine for travel around South America and managed to take 2nd in the national rally of Ecuador. See my website for setup.


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