BBQ exhaust

i wonder if anyone can help me just bought 99 yz400 & the exhaust glows like a BBQ im sure this is not rite any ideas would be greatly appreciated and thanks to those on the answer of the o ring & washer

Mine does that when I have the choke on to warm it up. It turns a nice glowing red. I just look down, "yep, it's done. The beast is ready to play."

The glowing header is completely normal! When you combine 700 degree F temps w/a thin SS header!You get a orange/red glow at the base of the header! I personally think is looks cool...BTW it is a good way to freak 2 stroke guys out LOL! Later,


Originally posted by motoman393:

it is a good way to freak 2 stroke guys


I absolutely agree. When I got my first YZ-F, I was sitting on the line at a nite race. Almost everybody on the line was looking at the glowing exhaust. When on the starting line, they were sitting there pointing and yelling at me. The gate dropped and I left the line while they were still sitting there!!!!


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