YZ mods and fixes

Just got an '02 yz 426f for desert riding. Issue 1: can't get the starting drill down, and I'm too lazy to keep trying so I'm thinking a Hot Cam mod would be best? Issue 2: going downhill, the engine revs extremely high!....any thoughts on this? Issue 3: i'd like to out some passenger pegs on, just for those few times the chicks want to go for a ride.....cuz chicks dig bikes.....any ideas on a bolt on mod?

Other than that, she runs great! And I'm glad to be back riding dirt bikes.

Elaborate on item 2.

Going downhill (steep grade) hand off the throttle. The engine revs very high. Thought maybe it was me but others tried and got the same result.

Sounds like a carb issue, possibly in combination with an air leak or a tight intake valve. The bike is running too lean under normal conditions, and pointing it downhill puts the pilot jet in deeper fuel.

Probably also why you can't get the starting drill down. An incorrectly setup pilot circuit is probably the single biggest cause of hard starting on the 426.

Check also the Hot-Starter. It happend to me on a YZ250F that it was too tight.

I have a '00 426, and my startup procedure is as follows.

Step 1: hold decompression lever and kick about 15 times. Nice full kicks.

Step 2: fully extend the kickstart, then let it come all the way back up.

Step 3: hold decompression, put kickstart down to about half mast, let it slowly come all the way back up

Step 4: give a good hard kick and you're running. Good luck with the 426!

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