2011 suspension

I will also ask in the suspension forum but wanted to check here first.

I just got a 2011 450 and might need to change the springs.

Previous owner was 185 lb w/o gear and a fast A rider. He went downcone rate from sotck on both ends and a bit stiffer on valving

i rode the bike a few times and the shock feels OK sOk but I can't get in terms with the forks (very firm). i tyried several clickers adjsutment and it ended up better but still too harsh for me

For my level and age (46 tomorrw!), I just want a plush feeling (not mushy though)

I'm 205 w/o gear and C level, practice only on MX track

Would the stock sprting rate/ stock valving work for me?

I kept reading about how good the sotck stuff is and don't want ot go through too many valving experiments

Rear sag numbers are 110/25

Thanks for any feedback

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You might. want to swap the spring to a stiffer one and try some softer valving. One step stiffer should do for the spring.

im 165 and run the stock suspension. i firmed up the front and softened up the rear. i run my sag at 100. im guessing your sag is too low and you need stiffer springs to keep the suspension up in the plusher part of the stroke.

Stocksusp. is set for 180# rider. I'm 225 w/o gear and factory connection bumped me up one rate front and rear. No revalve and just a touch more oil, "stock oil is'nt as good as pig urine" in the forks. Nice and plush but still soaks the woops up. I'm 48, b class and love it. If you cant get the proper free sag with the spring thats on it, It'll never be right for you. FC was the best money i ever spent.

Thanks all for the feedback

I can get my hands on a set F/R of stock springs.

I'll give this a shot since valving has been beefed up by previous owner

Might do the trick for me

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