Replacement radiator


Looking for a replacement radiator, left side without cap,

since mine unfortunally took all the impact in a small crash and now is totally wrecked

Asked around and it seems as there is only original parts to buy here in Sweden, at humongous prices..

8% of what a new bike costs!! For one side alone!!! *hmpf*

Askin you if you can tell me some website or something where I mayby can buy one at lower price..

My bike is a yamaha WR 426 -01 swedish model.. (If there is any difference..?)

You might look into having it fixed. Over here there is a few companies that fix them good as new for about 1/4 the price of a new one. :)

I had one fixed at this place that I thought was a total loss, they do great work at great prices compared to buying new.


8414 S. McDowell Ct.

West Jordan, Utah 84088


There is a guy selling one in the Parts and Acc. forum right now. :)

Thanks guys.. :)

Definitely send it to Mylers! Terry's a great guy and fixes some radiators you would have thought were trashed. I dumped mine once and it was twisted, jacked, bent, and smashed. 50$ bucks later and Terry had it looking/working almost like new.

I've fixed mine a couple of times myself. I use alsolder 500 a tin/zinc alloy that melts @ 500 degrees F.( It comes with a special flux, the trick is to clean it real well and get the base metal hot enough to melt the rod, don't heat the rod! A propaane torch will do fine. If you spend a little time straightening the fins between the water jackets it will work fine.

Jimmy :)

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