07 YZ450: Replace or Lube/Service Cables

Hi everyone,

I went out riding yesterday with a buddy, and he let me try out his '12 KX450. The very first thing he said when he got on my bike was "Wow, you need to work on your clutch and throttle." I just kinda shrugged my shoulders, and rode off on his bike. I rode the Kawi for a half hour or so and noticed my arm pump wasn't nearly as bad. "Nice bike" I thought. I got back on mine, and at the first twist of the throttle I realized what he was talking about. My throttle is definitely bound up some, and could do with some servicing. After that, I could also tell that it had a lot to do with my arm pump, and my ability to ride the bike well.

Some will probably want to shoot me for this, but I've never touched the cables or throttle tube on my bike. Aside from adjusting the clutch for wear, I haven't touched them since I bought the bike new. I also don't ride that often, MAYBE 4-5 good rides a year, yesterday was my first ride in 9 months.

So the question I have is; do I buy a cable lube tool and service my stock Yamaha cables, or do I buy some new cables? If the stockers will serve me fine with a little maintenance, I see no reason to buy new ones. But if you all think my cables might have enough wear on them to warrant new cables then I can go that route. Also, if I get new cables, what brand would be my best bet? I've seen Motion Pro, Yamaha, and Tusk so far, priced in that order, highest-lowest.

Also considering a new throttle tube with the bearing in the end. Any input on that? Riding that bike with all new and smooth operating controls really spoiled me. It also made me realize I could enjoy my bike even more than I already do if I work on the little things like this.


The throttle on my 07 was very stiff and would not return very well (snap back). Turns out there was crap in the throttle tube between the throttle and bars.

I just took off the throttle, cleaned it out inside and the bars where it goes over. End of problem.

So the cable was fine. Might want to check that first before replacing the throttle cables.

My clutch is super light pull, one finger.

Hope this helps.

I would clean and lube them before replacing. Put a light amount of white lithium grease in between the throttle tube and the handle bar. Clean and lube the bolt that holds the clutch lever on the perch. Hope this helps.

Stock throttle tube should be fine once cleaned. If you want fancy get the one with the bearing. Just my 2€

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Check to make sure your grip is not rubbing on the rubber cover for the throttle housing. I know I've experienced this in the past once or twice. Also, what do you have to lose with trying to lube the cables? A cable lube tool is well under $10 and may help. I've experienced some benefit with lubing the cables, but not a huge difference. The EFI bikes have a much easier throttle pull than any carbureted four stroke I've ridden.

The EFI bikes have a much easier throttle pull than any carbureted four stroke I've ridden.

This is an interesting statement, thank you for that.

Thanks everyone, I'll give lubing a try. I just didn't want to take everything apart and put it back together twice if the OEM cables were a lost cause. I would imagine simply cleaning and lubing the throttle tube will make a big improvement.

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