Opinions and comparisions WR vs. CRFX, KLX 450's

I completely disagree with Navaho on the WR stuff. We ride together and talked quite a bit about his issue. I believe his forks were too soft. My 09 displays none of the stuff he comlained about. I went from steel 06 to Aluminum 09. My 09 is much more athletic, better side to side, feels lighter while riding, stabil as hell.

I'm glad that you like the '09. There were a few things about it that I thought were an improvement too but certainly not the suspension nor the stability. I'm not alone in my opinion about that as I have read many similar complaints.

The bottom line is I was more confident and faster on my '06 than the '09 at the time, no question about it. I didn't see any good reason to waste a lot of money on a suspension that was no better by design than what I had already. The open-chamber WR forks are outdated and weak by comparison to what's available now. When I make the switch to a better bike, it will be mainly for the better suspension. I have no gripes about the WR motor or the ergos.

Just need the right guy tweaking your stuff....

LR sure looks slow here on the KLX doesn't he??image.jpg

Well I must be one hell of a rider to be able to overcome all that ill handling stuff. Sweet!

I agree the forks are not great, but for normal riders on single track it can be revalved by a good tuner to work fine. Yamaha should have the SSS on there and I bet that A rider dude would be singing a different tune. My tuner completely gutted the stock fork. Transplanted the entire base valve with something else. Scott was standing right there watching him. Are the SSS better, yeah. Am I missing the SSS that I gave my tuner, not really. And you know how much I like that fork! These open baths are working great and I've rode them at Barnwell in the rocks and roots, Cycleland Enduro in the sandy deep whoops, and perfectly groomed Breezy Hill single track. I haven't even touched a clicker yet either. LOL. They just work.

Look, I understand some people just don't gel with a bike, but you never did what was necessary to make it work, you gave up way too early. So to say the things you say about the 09wr with the absolute finality that you say it with, I don't think is fair. Mainly bc I'm sitting here with same bike and feel completely different about it. It doesn't seem to be slowing me down, I'm quicker on it than the 06 for sure. I think my tuner got a lot closer this time around too, much stiffer setup in fork. I think he was too soft on the 06, he admitted as much too.

I'm repeating myself to you, so I won't bring it up again. See you at Breezy.

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I haven't rode a KLX450, but....


Always a good way to begin commentary so the reader knows to disregard the post.

I see no reason to not include the KLX450R (note that some KLXs do not belong in this discussion) in the conversation. I've put a couple hundred miles on one in Upper Michigan and I loved it. I have only discontinued my search to buy a nice used one because I picked up a WR for a deal too good to pass up.

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